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O.G.A.O. at Eugene Farmers Market

We enjoyed seeing you, talking with you, and helping make mental first aid kits.


Remember to take time for yourself, and also friends and family. Please help make sure everyone is taking care of Mental Health.


is Oregonians for Gambling Awareness Organization and we are a 501 (c) (3) public charity. It was incorporated in 2000, five years after  Ronda Hatefi’s brother was afflicted with Gambling Addiction and died by suicide. Through her story, she is spreading the message that No Problem Gambler Stands Alone and there is Hope and Help for problem Gamblers.

Oregon Gambling Hotline:

1 – 877 – 695 – 4648

1 – 877 – MY – LIMIT


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Bringing a message of Help and Hope to U of O today. It was a beautiful day, meeting beautiful humans. We hope we made a difference for them all today. #mentalhealthfirstaidkits ... See MoreSee Less
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Come see me at the Eugene Farmers Market10 - 2 Saturday Feb. 18thMake your own Mental Health First Aid Kit! ... See MoreSee Less
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22 Vets a day surrender to their demonsMay I please get 2 friends or family members (out of all my friends on my page) to copy and re-post? #SuicideAwareness call 988Just two. Any two.Say Done. ... See MoreSee Less
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The Story

July of 1995 changed our lives forever.  My 28 year old brother Bobby could no longer handle the addiction of gambling.  He chose to take his own life after his calls for help failed. My Mom was happily married to my Dad for 54 years, they had 5 child…

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O.G.A.O. has been speaking and spreading the message of Hope and Help at Conferences and Media outlets across the country. But we need your help to reach more people and help others. Please Donate at our Donations page [Support] so we can fight this together.


is Problem Gamblers Awareness Day, which is September 29th, in honor of Bobby’s birthday. Ronda has petitioned and received a signed proclamation by the Governor of Oregon every year since 1997. This was the first recognized day for Problem Gambling in the United States, and helped to create National Problem Gamblers Awareness Week in March.


The Dove

The story of the Dove is the message of the release of addiction. Ronda used homing pigeons in one of the first Problem Gamblers Awareness Day. The video will be coming soon, as well as more history on the Dove.

The History

We are in the process of digitizing old news clips and old newspaper articles. This is a work in progress and we will upload as we proceed. There are some clips up on our youtube channel for now.



Links has been updated recently with other outstanding connections on Problem Gambling awareness and Suicide Prevention sites.

We want you to know there is hope and help,

you are not alone.

– Ronda hatefi – founder of o.g.a.o.