March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Along with PGAM, the following days are recognized for their national days

March 1 – Self Injury Awareness Day

            First day of March is a good day to start of being aware. Be aware of yourself and others. Together, we can make this work.

March 2 – World Teen Mental Wellness Day

            This is a good day for Teens to stand up and promote Mental Wellness.

March 4 – National Day of Unplugging

            Take this day to unplug video poker and online gaming. Take a day, take a break.

March 7 – National Be Heard day

            We figure this is a good day to be heard, to promote mental health, and to hear about Problem Gambling Awareness

March 9 – National Get Over it Day

            This sounds like a good day to get over problem gambling or addiction.

March 13 – National Good Samaritan Day

            Be a good Samaritan, check on your family, friends, neighbors.

March 14 – National Write Down Your Story Day

            Write down your story of overcoming problem gambling.

March 19 – National Let’s Laugh Day

            Work on mental health, overcome obstacles. Have a good laugh – think of something so funny that you’ll laugh out loud.

March 30 – National I am in Control Day

            Take charge today, put things into your control.